Nau Ivanow. Espai de residències d’arts escèniques



This programme pursues professional growth through the experience of young performing arts companies in cultural spaces of the world over similar to our own. Through an international residency plan, we collaborate with other agents, institutions and centres from the world over in exchanges intended to be as similar as possible in order to find a space for exchange and experimentation outside the company’s usual day-to-day activity.

The ultimate goal is to establish working residencies that allow companies from Catalonia and the rest of the world to share processes, methodologies and resources. We seek to consolidate a residency model which we believe to be the cornerstone of the growth of young companies.

This residency must have a financial contribution that will be conducive to creation and a team that will provide accompaniment in all areas, albeit without actually intervening in the creative process.

We realise that the first contact with a country is never easy. Travelling is intense, you need to learn how to explain who you are and what your project is, but also to know how to listen, learn and detect new and interesting projects. It is all about listening to the spaces, the companies that inhabit them, and how they work, the networks they have set up or what tools they use.

Building these bridges are processes that can take several years. Asking a company to take on this job can sometimes discourage them. The lack of contacts, management capacity or resources often renders this first step unfeasible.

This is why for many years now we have been working to establish links with different countries that could give companies’ a good point of entry to mobility. Nau has embraced this challenge of constructing planet-wide professional relationships and networks.

Like a stage for the general public, our objective is to walk hand-in-hand with professionals to help them find their feet in the world. Companies must decide their own future, but we, as a space, must offer them all the resources within our reach to ensure that there are no constraints on this decision.


Lokas Juanas from Chile to Nau Ivanow

Ça marche from Nau Ivanow to L’Abri (Geneve)

Teatro Puerto from Chile to Nau Ivanow

LST from Nau Ivanow to Brescia (Italy)

Mark Pozlep, Maxime Berthou and Davis Freeman (Gledališče Glej, Ljbljana) in Nau Ivanow

Monte Isla from Nau Ivanow to Teatro Puerto, La Serena (Chile)


Hermanas Picohueso from Nau Ivanow to Teatro del Biobío (Chile)

Colectivo artístico La Macorina from Chile to Nau Ivanow

Marie Bajenova i Davide Brancato

L’Abri, Geneve (Switzerland)

Residence in Nau Ivanow

Natasza Gerlach Pierre Piton

Performing Arts Institute, Wroclaw (Poland)

Residence in Nau Ivanow

Image: Jordi Buxó
Image: Jordi Buxó

Fundación Mis Bragas

Residence in Glej, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

La Fulana Teatro

Residence in Nau Ivanow from Chile


La Confraternita del Chianti – Italy

Residence in Nau Ivanow

Teatro del Terror – Chile

Residence in Nau Ivanow


Residence in La Serena, Chile

Los Escultores del Aire

Residence in Festival Embrujarte of Costa Rica