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EXIT · Internacional Experiences

About EXIT

EXIT (International Experiences) is a Nau Ivanow’s project, about internationalization, which helps companies to grow and establish the international leap as one of their future goals.

In 2016 we create an Internationalization Plan for Nau Ivanow, with which we wanted to take the step we needed to be able to develop and reach our project beyond the nearby territory. During the process, we held meetings with the various companies that have passed through Nau Ivanow to find out what vision they had of our space and how we should work on the internationalization of the project. The response from many of these companies surprised us, as they were also anxious to take this step, but could not find the tools or support to start it. So, we decided to address this issue by focusing not only on the internationalization of Nau Ivanow, but also on becoming a point of reference for young companies and being able to offer close support that make it easier for them to make the leap to internationalization.

2017 was the starting point for a long-term project on the need for stage creation to become international. The first experience was the EXIT Conference 2017, which provided tools, resources, and experiences to the representatives of the performing arts artists and companies and to various creative spaces.

EXIT 2022

EXIT 2022 Journeys Reflection and exchange on artistic support and projects as part of the Grec Festival programme, took place on 8, 9 and 10 of july in Nau Ivanow.

EXIT 2021

Nau Ivanow presents EXIT Virtual Conferences 2021

On march 17th & 18th we organize a conference focused on the new realities we are all facing because of the pandemic, with particular emphasis on artistic creation and cultural development.

We had six speakers, managers and artists from USA, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Switzerland and Hungary.

EXIT 2020

In 2020 we have organized the EXIT 2020 Trainings in a virtual version about production, internationalization, Model Canvas and distribution.

This year, we have also organized the EXIT Journey about abuse power relations in the performing arts.

Past editions

EXIT 2019

In 2019, the EXIT Journey was dedicated to mediation, the public and mobility, from an international perspective. We had a training with the European project Creative Lenses, a project in which the resident company Projecte Ingenu was one of the eight European projects selected to be part of it. We also said goodbye to Project Ingenu as a resident company: the more than two years of residence at the Ivanow Ship have helped it to internationalize in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece and Chile.

EXIT 2019

EXIT 2017

The first EXIT Journey was dedicated exclusively to internationalization experiences.

With Toni González, the participants learned how to set up a project with their eyes set on abroad and discovered what was the best way to move and make this project visible, using different strategies. One of the sessions was focused on the Latin American and European circuits and festivals, thanks to Iva Horvat and Antonio Altamirano, who were exposing the particularities to access the residences of each country. The technicians of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC) and the Ramon Llull Institute provided all the mechanisms in a session on aid and mobility programs that served to discover the procedures for access to these internationalization resources. Finally, one of the days with the most attendees was the time to define, between companies and creative spaces, what a residence is: an enriching debate where a lot of ideas came up.

EXIT 2017