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Residencies are the main focus of our activity. We strongly believe that companies need spaces where they feel at home, with all the freedom and the confidence that they need to develop their ideas without fear of getting things wrong and in order to be able to keep on growing.

So, what is a residency for us? The EXIT 2017 International Working Days that we held gave rise to a consensus-based definition of residency by some 30 professionals from the creation and management domains:

A residency must be a flexible process that is conducted in a given work space and time that offers adequate conditions adapted to the specific needs of each hosted project.

A flexible space that generates trust and dialogue in order to nurture the creative process and gather together and share the knowledge generated in artistic activities, making it part of the collective heritage.

It must provide a financial contribution that enables creators to work in proper and adequate conditions (financial resources, with fees for the research process) and a team that accompanies them in all areas, albeit without actually intervening in the creative process.

It must be able to open and offer spaces for connection and exchange that facilitate the continuity of artistic careers and must therefore be part of a community network that includes the artist, the creation centre and the setting. 


“The trust that you placed in us after winning the DespertaLab2019 and in being a resident company gave us the stability we needed: the feeling that you have a place you can call home and where you will always feel welcome. And not just in terms of space, in other aspects too. Knowing that no proposal is ever too crazy or that no need is too absurd in your eyes generates a wealth of trust, which is mirrored in the companies and their projects. We hope that you will continue to accompany us as well as you have always done in 2021.” Hermanas Picohueso

Based upon the aforementioned residency model, through this project, Nau seeks to embody its commitment to young companies and to give them tools to grow and develop professionally. Nau Ivanow’s strategic objectives are described here: creation, accompaniment and the territory.

Hosting companies for a period of three or four years makes it possible to implement an ensemble of actions that will help these companies to grow. Ideas to work without pressure, through flexible processes, commitment to companies to help them and to provide them with the tools they need to drive on towards professionalisation, thus achieving the stability that they need to do their job.

The concept of resident is not only about financial aid in the production of a final “product”. During the years of residency, the company will be accompanied by Nau, which will open up a gateway to international circuits, create synergies with other companies and groups, both local and from all over the world, and benefit from a more personalised assessment, not to mention other mentoring services. A direct relationship is also established with the territorial projects implemented by Nau.

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