The building

In 1959, the architect Jordi Anmella Figueres, commissioned by businessman Victor Ivanow Bauer, projected Ivanow Paints factory in an industrial solar neighborhood Sagrera. The building did not begin to lift until 1967 and was opened in 1968.
Business growth prompted the move to the industrial area of Zona Franca, to continue to produce paints, lacquers and acrylic, until he was sold to multinational Akzo Nobel Netherlands.
The building was rented to the Sagrera several textile companies such as Burberry’s, Angel Ortiz and Kevin & Kevin, until 1997, became the architect and photographer Xavier Basiana to establish their professional studies and develop a cultural center.
In 1999 Nau Ivanow born as a new space for the creation, production and dissemination of contemporary culture.
The cover of the Catalan surmounted the building with a corrugated ceramic surface and was characterized as inspiration for the current logo Nau Ivanow. Unfortunately, the downpours of 2005 sank and has not yet been possible to rebuild.