Sagrera Audience School

The “Escola de l’Espectador” (AudienceSchool) at La Sagrera (Nau Ivanow’s neighborhood) is a space where we break the barrier between audience and perfomance in order to show the work in a creative process.
We show all the work that creators and technicians do to transform an idea into a play. The audience live the creative process from the initial approach of the idea to the end, with the final exhibition of the work.
We believe that in order to generate a socially critical audience with the present we live in, we have to provide them with all the possible information of what motivates them. That is why we show all the steps of the creation process and all the people involved on the play and we explain, along with the company itself, the situation in which they live, often linked to the precarious situation in which the performing arts sector finds itself.
  • Links the community to the creation processes.
  • Offers knowledge of the real situation in which young theatrical companies coexist.
  • Gives knowledge about the professionals that form a creation process.
  • Generates relational links with the companies.
  • Generates a critical audience.
  • Allows the companies to enrich their process thanks to the interaction of the audience and the follow-up they receive from it.