EXIT – Internacional Experiences

EXIT(InTernationalEXperiences) is a project about awareness, training and work, that revolves around internationalization and theatremanagement, that in time help companies grow and perform an international leap as one of their future objectives.
In 2016, we launched an Internationalization Plan to take the step we needed to develop and make our project known beyond the nearby territory.
During that process, we held meetings with various companies that had stayed with us at Nau Ivanow to know what kind of vision they had of our space and how could wework on the internationalization of the project. The response of many of these companies surprised us, for they were also anxious to make this step, but they did not find the tools or the support to start it.
Therefore, we decided to approach this situation by focusing not only on the internationalization of Nau Ivanow, but also on being a point of reference for young companies and being able to offer a close assistance that would facilitate the leap to internationalization.