Los Escultores del Aire presents the Online Lab Projects workshop

The artist in residence in Nau Ivanow, Los Escultores del Aire, presents Online Lab Project workshop. The Lab Project is a space for training and exploration of the possibilities of encounter and miscegenation between the physical theater and high artistic arts with manipulation of objects, body percussion, dance, miming, acrobatic, etc.


From the 3rd to the 7th of August  from 5pm to 8pm (CET) by Zoom


Los Escultores del Aire are opening up their international virtual space in the form of an online lab. It consists of 15 sessions divided into 3 blocks.

From the company’s accumulated experiences, the members of Los Escultores del Aire will convey to their students the alchemy of creation and the necessary tools for them to discover their own.

Each block will work as a pedagogical pill where the pillars of physical theatre: dramaturgy, form and rhythm will be explored. In other words: story, choreography and theatrical intention.

The ultimate goal of the sessions is to give the students the necessary tools in building a piece of their own work.


-All of the sessions will take place through Zoom. Students need to download the application on their computer or mobile device ahead of time.

-The student must have a computer or a mobile device with a camera to share images in real-time.


-Physical training


-Dramaturgy and dramatic structures

-Creation and Composition

-Architecture and scenography

-Lighting and color



We will rediscover the student’s physical instrument in a musical sense; developing their skills, tuning and mastery of their body

We’ll work on the technical principles of:

– Inter-corporeal articulation (coordination, dissociation and control of different body parts)

– Inter-spatial articulation (Spatial awareness and clarity of the directions and levels in which the body travels)

– Rhythm and intention (Use of the different qualities and rhythmic intensities of a dramatic intention)



We will work on the idea of transposition. Just like music is a transposition of sound,  a painting a transposition of color, movement can be the transposition of thought or emotion.

We’ll work on the following technical principles:

– The change of axis and focus from a spectator’s point of view

– Amplification and simplification of a physical action

– Ellipsis and changes in time, space and character

– Editing and alteration of rhythm from a dramatic point of view



We will develop the student’s proposed ideas in terms of dramaturgy and staging. Students will get a guide on how to shape their imaginary to bring their ideas to life.

We’ll work on the basic principles of:

– The use of color in costume and make-up

– Lighting as a dramatic tool

– The object as a symbol and extension of a character

– Structuring and organization of scenes

– Poetry and symbolism behind a message

PRICE: 80€ 



10% for members of performing arts associations
10% for unemployed people

Email us to formacio@nauivanow.com for discount codes

If you want more information about the course, you can write to: academy@escultoresdelaire.com


Los Escultores del Aire (The Sculptors of the Air) is an international company based in Barcelona and directed by Mai Rojas.

It specializes in the production of professional physical theatre performances. They use the language of corporeal mime as a foundation for its creations, incorporating other theatrical arts, such as circus, dance and object manipulation.

Their shows have been showcased and won awards in several cities in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the United States of America, Germany, Macedonia, Morocco, Italy, Andorra, Colombia, Poland, Sweden, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

In accordance with the creative philosophy of the company, Los Escultores del Aire would like to share their own unique way of understanding art with anyone who is interested in the expressive arts and movement, no matter their performance level, age and experience.