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Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence programs are the main focus of our work and while taking place, we clearly and decisively empower the process itself, striving at all times to dignify the working conditions of companies and entrepreneurs, always assisting and providing them with the necessary resources to carry out their projects.


Definition of Residence

From Nau Ivanow we share and promote the definition of artist in residence that emerged during the EXIT Conference, a meeting held in 2017 on internationalization and mobility, where we established that:

A residence must be a flexible process that takes place in a space and a time with proper working conditions, that’s adapted to the specific needs of each welcomed project.

A flexible space that generates trust and dialogue in order to take care of the process the creator undergoes and is able to collect, share and patrimonialize the knowledge that is generated within the artistic practice.

It must be endowed with an economic contribution that allows the creator to work properly (economic resources, with fees for the research process) and also with a human team that assists in all areas, without interference in the creation itself.

It must be able to offer and open connection and exchange spaces that facilitate the continuity of artistic trajectorie. For this reason, it should be part of a community network that includes the artist, the creation centre and the environment.

The residence must be accessible through different selection processes, and must be based on creation timings and not production timings.